Lumenradar is the ultimate resource for all lighting products ranging from table lamps to floor lamps, from sad lamps to lava lamps.

I (Aqsa) have an obsession with different lightening products (especially with the lighting products that are used for decor). My obsession with the lightening product range back ever since I was a kid, and now I am sharing my love with lamps, and all the other sort of lightening with the whole world using this blog.

The Face Behind the Lumen Radar

Aqsa Batool

I (AQSA) am the face behind this brand ( I run every bit of this website, except that my husband helps me sometimes with the website’s graphics world.

I am obsessed with lighting products (especially) floor lamps and have been using different types of floor lamps to decorate my home. Thus, I have the knowledge and expertise to provide people with the guidance that they need about lighting products.

I spend most of my time testing products and writing guides to help resolve lighting issues among people. When I am not writing about the products or testing them, I am either playing badminton or with my kitten “Bella“.

Our Story

As I already told Above, I am obsessed with the lighting of my house, and since I was unable to find the right reviews, and guides about the products, I bought my own products, and did my own testing, thus, an Idea sparked into my mind that I am not alone. A lot of people would have this problem of choosing the right product.

Thus, I came up with this blog, where I share my personal experience about different lightening products, so, you can make more mindful choices.

Our Mission

We want to change the way people light their homes. Almost all the houses that we do visit come with some sort of poor lighting due to the usage of the wrong lamps, and lights, thus, we want people to use accurate products that provide the best bang for their buck.

In this way, your home looks brighter than ever and more aesthetic.

Also, we provide you with step-by-step detailed guides, which means that you can also take help from our tutorials, and improve the lighting by using the existing products.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Everything that we share here on our website is up to the best of our knowledge, and we take immense pride in that everything that we share here is personally tested by us. It does not matter whether you are comparing two different products, or reading a know-how guide, everything would be short, precise, and up-to-date.

Thousands of visitors take help from our guides, and we are proud of what we write on our blog. Everything is personally tested by me, so, there are almost zero chances of error.

Our Testing Methodology

We have a unique product testing methodology, unlike the other lightening brands which either put their list based on the online review or get sponsored products from competitors, we buy our own products. So, we are free to put our own verdict on the product.

We thoroughly test the products with our unique product testing methodology and then provide you with the same. In this way, you can choose products that better suit your needs. We have written more about our product testing methodology here, which you can also read.

How We Review & Rate the Products

Just like the product testing methodology, we do have a pretty unique product review philosophy as well. We review and rate the products based on different factors, which include cost, construction, functionality, performance, etc.

You can learn more about the product reviewing, and testing methodology that we have provided here.

Information About the LumenRadar Company

Lumenradar is a US-based company that is operated by Aqsa and provides all the information about lighting products including guides, and reviews.

There are plenty of different ways of reaching out to us, and we love to hear the feedback of our users, so we can make this website more efficient, and help.

Below, you can find all the different ways of connecting with us.

Mailing Address: We are located at 4116 Creciente Dr, Santa Barbara, California 93110, USA

Phone Number: +13399389346

Email: [email protected]