Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp

Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp Review [UPDATED]

Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp is one of its kind, beautifully designed floor lamp. It can be a fantastic addition to your floor lamp collection if you are a sucker for cool lamps. 

We have brought you this post to give you an in-depth review of this beauty to make the decision easier for you. You will end up buying it after reading the fantastic specs.


The design of the Maui Arc Lamp is attractive and is ideal for giving your urban/modern interiors 

a natural look. The lanterns are made into beautiful lantern shapes which look like vintage street lamps. The brown cane sticks of the lanterns are again another feature that gives an earthy tone to your modern interiors. These can sticks are lined with white rice paper, which looks more like a fabric and makes it easier for the light to diffuse.

The overall lamp body has an antique bronze finish. This is quite suitable in almost any color palette of your room design. The three arcs from the lamp pole to hold the lanterns in place are also notable features of the lamp design. The lamp is designed with excellent craftsmanship. The incredible durability of the build is proof of the finest material used in the lamp. 

The lamp’s dimensions, especially its 82 inches height, are ideal for lighting up any space. Also, the adjustable and movable arms are quite favorable to be used in various ways.


Talking about the functional aspect of the lamp, the first feature to be discussed is adjustability. The lamp arms are movable and adjustable. You can adjust them either in the form of a tree, all three in different directions, or you can adjust them all to the same side. The way you arrange your lamp arms depends upon your lighting requirements and your personal preference as well.

Another useful feature of the lamp is the white rice paper lining on the lanterns. The lining is quite thin yet gives the look of a fabric-like material. The best thing about this lining is that it allows the light to diffuse through and gives a soft ambiance around the room. The soft diffusion also prevents any glare or strain on the eye.


The Maui Arc Lamp requires three 60W incandescent bulbs for functioning. You can also use a 13 CFL bulb instead of the incandescent one. The best thing about the lamp is that it is compatible with smart outlets. This means you can turn it on or off from your mobile phone and connect it to other devices in your home. This is a very unique and energy-efficient function that this lamp offers.

Power & Wattage

The Maui arc lamp has a power rating of 60 watts, indicating the amount of electrical energy it consumes. It operates at a voltage of 120 volts, which represents the electrical potential difference across the lamp. This combination of wattage and voltage determines the lamp’s energy consumption and brightness.

What’s in the box?

The Maui Arc Lamp package comes with the components of the lamp only, that is, the lamp base, pole, arms, and lanterns. There is no additional component present in the lamp.


The company does not offer any warranty on the product. However, you can avail of the 30 days return policy offered by Amazon in case of experiencing any damage or receiving a faulty product.


  • Adjustable
  • soft diffusion of light
  • Smart outlet compatible 
  • Attractive design


  • No warranty
  • No bulbs or batteries included

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Assemble the Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp?

The Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp comes with detailed assembly instructions to guide you through the process. Typically, the lamp consists of several main components, including the base, pole, arc arm, and lamp shades. The assembly usually involves attaching the pole to the base, connecting the arc arm, and securing the lamp shades. No specialized tools are usually required, and assembly can be completed within a reasonable time.

Is the Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp Adjustable?

Yes, the Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp is adjustable. It features a flexible arc arm that allows you to position and adjust the three lamp shades according to your preference. This adjustability enables you to direct the light in different directions, creating a customized lighting experience for your space.

Can I Use LED bulbs with the Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp?

No, the Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp is incompatible with LED bulbs. It is designed to be used with three 100-watt incandescent bulbs or three 26-watt CFL bulbs (not included). It’s important to use the recommended bulb types to ensure proper functionality and prevent any damage to the lamp.

What is the Material Used for the Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp?

The Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp features a combination of materials. The lamp’s base is made of durable and stable marble, providing a solid foundation. The pole and arc arm is constructed with metal, giving the lamp its sleek and contemporary look. The lampshades are typically made of fabric or other suitable materials, depending on the specific model or design.

Where Can I Use the Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp?

The Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp is versatile and can be used in various indoor settings. It is commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and other areas where additional lighting and a touch of style are desired. The lamp’s adjustable feature allows you to adapt it to different room configurations, making it suitable for small and large spaces. Above all, it’s a good quality lamp for sectional sofas.


There you have it. The Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp will definitely change the lighting game for you. It is not only functional but also a cool lamp to be used as a decor item. Trust me, your guests will end up asking questions about this beautiful lamp because it is such a cool and rare find. So, don’t wait any further and go shopping for it.

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