Can a Floor Lamp Light a Room: Is A Floor Lamp Worth Buying?

Can a Floor Lamp Light a Room: Is A Floor Lamp Worth Buying?

Have you ever regretted making an expensive purchase? I can feel your pain. Nowadays, it is common to buy an expensive, trending product on social media and then realize later that it was not worth it.

It goes very well with floor lamps which are very costly, and you do not want to waste money when you don’t even know if it is worth it.

For this purpose, we highlighted a few essential points about floor lamps that you should know to determine if it is worth it to invest in such a purchase. I hope this article will give you a clear direction and you can decide whether you should get one or not.

Brightness and Illumination of a Floor Lamp

A floor lamp can come with different brightness and illumination options. It also depends on the type and color of the lampshade and how much light will scatter around the room. The brightness for dark-colored lampshades will be slightly lower than those with white or neutral-colored shades. It also depends upon the electric supply on which the lamp is operating. Overall, floor lamps illuminate an excellent range of area and are pretty bright.

Factors Affecting the Lighting Capacity of a Floor Lamp

The number of factors that determine the lighting capacity of a floor lamp is as follows:

  • The material of the lampshade
  • The wattage of the bulb
  • The strength of the electric connections
  • The reflectivity of the surfaces that are present around the room
  • The proper positioning and height of the lamp

Comparison With other lighting options

Although floor lamps are quite luminous and cover a wide range of areas for light, compared to other lighting options, there are some points you need to keep in mind. Compared to table lamps, floor lamps are less portable. Table lamps can be easily moved around, and the light can easily be focused on a specific point. At the same time, floor lamps are heavier and are challenging to move around. Similarly, ceiling lights are better if you do not want the light to be spotted on one specific point. Floor lamps are more aesthetically appealing and add a touch of luxury.

Benefits of using a floor lamp

Some benefits of floor lamp that make it a worth-it purchase are as follows:

Versatility and mobility

The main advantage of a floor lamp is that it has versatile usage and can be easily moved around. You can use a floor lamp not only as a means of lighting but also as a decorative item.  The flexible mobility of the floor lamp makes it ideal for using in dorm rooms as well as small apartments.

Space-saving design

Floor lamps don’t require any table or base to be placed on. They can be easily placed at the corner of the room and don’t take a lot of space. The space-saving design is ideal for tiny homes where you have to work with very limited area.

Decorative element

Floor lamps give an amazing look to the room and are very popular as a decorative item. They can be styled in different ways, depending upon the overall design of the room. The different varieties of lamps available in the market make it possible to choose the one that goes best with your personal preference and aesthetics.

Energy efficiency

Floor lamps scatter light to a considerably large area. In the presence of a floor lamp, you do not need another lighting option. Additionally, floor lamps can be used for focused lighting especially when you are reading, knitting or sewing.

Is a Floor Lamp Worth Buying?

Finding out if a floor lamp is worth buying or not, following points are important.

Cost and value

Floor lamps are expensive as compared to other types of light fixtures. But this high cost does not matter much when you look at the long-term, multiple benefits it offers.

Quality and durability

Floor lamps are usually made up of wood or high quality metal. The durability is kept in mind when designing the floor lamp as they will be very frequently moved around. The quality of the floor lamps is usually kept top-notch considering that they are bought as a luxury item.

Maintenance and upkeep

The maintenance of floor lamps is easy as they usually consist of a simple, sleek designed lamp pole. This can be easily cleaned and the lampshade be removed from the pole for deep cleaning. The maintenance of floor lamps is very simple as compared to table lamps.


Floor lamps are quite luminous as compared to other lighting options. They are ideal for focused lighting requirements as well as lighting up the entire room.

The lighting capacity of the floor lamp depends upon the material of the floor lamp, wattage of the electric source and the scattering ability of the material in the room.

Seeing all the benefits of floor lamps, it would be perfect to say that investing in a high-quality lamp would be worth the cost.

Although a floor lamp is quite luminous, you will need some wall lighting if you want a full on bright room. Floor lamp can be used as a secondary light source for additional brightness.

Floor lamp can be used as not only a light source but also as a decorative element.


A sensible person is the one who looks at all the pros and cons of a product before purchasing it. This is an era of inflation and you really don’t want to waste money on things which are not worth it. Floor lamps are very expensive so it is better to look into the different features it offers to find out if it will be worth it to buy one or not. Our article would be very helpful if you are also looking for one such guide.

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