How to Change Lamp Shades (Some Easy Tips)

Are you also tired of your old boring lampshade? I guess it’s time to get a new one. But wait a minute, do you know how to change a lampshade?

If you are also someone who has never changed a lampshade before, you have come to the right place. It might sound like a very dumb and obvious question to ask but it is not.

A lot of people end up finding it very difficult to change a lampshade so here we are, giving you the right tips to change lampshades of different types of lamps with ease. So without any further Ado, let’s get started.

Tips to Change Simple Screwed-Down Lampshade

This is the most common and basic method for changing a lampshade. You will need the following things to change this lampshade:

  • A small stepladder or any stool 
  • A screwdriver
  • The new lampshade

Now that you have all the things in hand, let’s get started. 

The first and most important step is to turn off your lamp for your own safety and to prevent any electric sparks. 

Now step on the ladder or stool to reach the lampshade. 

Once you are there, remove the light bulb from the lamp.

Now, take the screwdriver and start unscrewing the old lampshade. 

Once it is loosened, carefully remove it from the top of the lamp and securely place it on a surface.

Now take the new lampshade and put it on top of the lamp.

Gradually start tightening the screws, one by one, until all of your screws are secured.

You can now replace the old light bulb or place the same one again, in whatever way you desire.

Here you go! Wasn’t it simple? I hope you can also do it quite easily without requiring any assistance.

Tips to change glass lampshades

Most people face the actual difficulty when the lampshade is made up of glass and needs to be changed. As glass is extremely fragile and it might break if not handled with care. So here is what you need to know.

A glass shade is normally fixed with screws or socket collars. The screws can easily be undone using a heavy-duty screwdriver.

The socket collar or ring is located on the inner side of the shade. Reach the inside and carefully unscrew it. Make sure you have someone with you to hold the lampshade as you unscrew it, otherwise it may fall down and shatter.

Do not unscrew it without proper support. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves in order to stay protected just in case the glass shatters.

Tips to Change the Fabric of the Lampshades

Sometimes you don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying a new lampshade but still want a different look from your same old boring lamp. I totally feel you.

Here are simple steps that you can follow to change the fabric of your old lampshade and reupholster it to give it a totally brand-new look.

Firstly, go to your local market and buy a thick canvas fabric of your choice and design. Keep your room design in mind before you buy the fabric. Also, make sure you get at least 2 yards of fabric to allow easy seams.

Next, remove your old lampshade fabric. It can come off quite easily as normally the fabric is glued to the basic skeleton. 

Sand down the edges of the lampshade skeleton to remove any remains of the glue.

Now lay down the fabric you removed over your new fabric and trace it down. Also, leave some seam allowance around the fabric.

Once you have traced it down, cut down the traced fabric.

Now wrap it around the lampshade structure and secure it using paper clips.

Gradually start gluing it around until the entire fabric is in its place.

And voila! You have your brand new lampshade. I don’t think anyone would ever be able to guess that you designed your lampshade from scratch.

Tips to Change Lampshades With Multiple Light Fixtures

As with the lampshade having a single light fixture, multiple light fixtures also follow the same procedure. Just make sure you remove all the light bulbs carefully before removing the lampshade.

This will make it very easy to work without breaking anything. After fixing the new lampshade, just rotate the lamp and bring every fixture in front of you one by one as you put the light bulbs back.

Tips to Change Hanging Lampshades

For hanging lampshades, you need to take down a heavily installed structure. Ask a friend to help you with this process. Your friend can hold the lampshade while you unscrew the chain or string with which the lampshade is hanging.

Once unscrewed, bring it down on a stable surface and change the lampshade. Now ask your friend to hold the lampshade as you screw it back into the hanging post. It is similar to installing a chandelier so make sure you follow the instructions to avoid any damage.

Tips to Make Sure Your Lamp is Fixed Properly

To make sure your lampshade is fixed properly or not, check if all the screws are properly done are not. Also, make sure the shade is stable and not wobbly.  Your screws should be appropriately selected to avoid any inconveniences.

How to Prevent a Lampshade from Collapsing

Lampshades might collapse if they are not properly secured through the screws. To prevent it from collapsing, make sure you check all the screws before leaving it to stay its place. Also, make sure your lamp is placed on a stable surface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Different Types of Lampshades?

There are many different types of lampshades depending on their shapes. These include circular, rectangular, square, bell-shaped, and drum or cylindrical-shaped.  Other types include the spider, Uno, and clip-on lampshades. Depending on the fabric, the lampshade could be fabric, rattan, glass, or wicker.

Which Lampshades are the Most Popular?

The most popular type of lampshades are spider lampshades and circular ones. 

Which Lampshade is the Easiest to Maintain?

Circular and fabric lampshades are the easiest to clean and maintain. You can conveniently clean them using cloth.

How to Clean a Lampshade from the Inner Side?

To clean a lampshade from the inner side, you need to find a thin and long cleaning brush. Using the brush, the inner side of the lamp can be brushed and dusted off without facing much inconvenience.

Can I Clean a Lampshade Without Removing It?

A lampshade can be easily cleaned without removing it using a cleaning brush. All you need to do is stand on a stool and reach the lampshade. You can simply dust off the lampshade daily to keep it nice and clean.

What is the Right Material for a Lampshade Fabric?

There is no one-size-fits-all to this question. All the materials that are chosen for making lampshades are chosen to keep all the requirements in mind. The most commonly used materials are glass, wicker, rattan, and canvas fabric. You can choose any of these depending on your requirements.


Here you go, with all the necessary and helpful tips about changing a lampshade. Now grab all the required tools and change your old and boring lampshade right away.

Make sure you do everything with great care in order to avoid any breakage as most lampshades are fragile in nature. Once you are done with changing the lampshade, sit back and give yourself a pat on the back for doing the hard work, as you enjoy the glory of your newly set up lamp. You did a great job!

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