How to Choose Floor Lamp

How to Choose a Floor Lamp (Buying Guide for Beginners)

Nowadays, many different options are available in the market for every single product. Narrowing them down to the needed product could take a lot of work.

When it comes to floor lamps, new variables and designs with unique features are being introduced in the market almost daily. Once you buy a floor lamp, you might get a headache looking at the variety and hefty price tags.

To make the process easier for you, we have put together a list of things you need to know and sort out before choosing a floor lamp. Let’s go through these together. Grab a notepad and write down all your priorities that you will define after going through the following points.

10 Things to Consider While Buying a Floor Lamp

1. Budget:

In today’s inflation era, budget is the first thing to be kept in mind, even if you buy a small grocery item. Floor lamps are, unfortunately, a little bit on the expensive side. Finding a floor lamp within your budget should be your priority. For this purpose, define a specific amount so it can become easier for you to filter out the available options.

2. Size of the lamp you want:

Next comes the size of the lamp that you want. Floor lamps range from 145 cm to 160 cm in height. You need to specify whether you want to go for a very tall floor lamp or a medium-sized one. It is mainly a matter of your personal preference and the aesthetic of your room that will help you decide what height of the floor lamp you want to go with.

3. Size of the room:

The size of the room has a very important impact on the choice of lamp. Some people have rooms with very high ceilings while others could have tiny spaces with low roofs. These things will determine how high your floor lamp should be. Remember, for high ceilings, get a floor lamp with the maximum height and for low ceilings, find one that is a bit shorter. This will leave enough room between your ceiling and the lamp top, giving a balanced look.

4. Material:

Next, comes the material of your floor lamp. Lamps could be wooden, metallic, glass, or plastic. Similarly, lampshades could also be made up of different types of materials such as fabric, rattan, wicker,, or glass. Think of which material you will prefer the most. Please write it down so that you can directly go to the shelf which contains the lamps of your chosen fabric.

5. Aesthetics of the room:

Anything that goes into your room needs to be in harmony with the rest of the decor and styling. You definitely don’t want to buy a random piece of furniture that does not match the aesthetics of your room. Look around your interior. Check which color will suit your floor lamp the best. Find a spot where you will place your floor lamp and then think of different colors and designs, creating an image in your mind about the final look. You can also create a Pinterest board or Photoshop the images of floor lamps in your living space to get an idea about the finished look of the room. 

6. Practicality & Functionality:

One basic question that arises whenever you make a purchase is whether it will be practical or not. What if you buy a product just for its look of it, and it doesn’t even serve the function for which it is bought? You definitely don’t need that. A floor lamp should be bought keeping in mind how much light scattering you want. For a living room that is dark, it should have a light lampshade to allow the light to cascade around. For a study area, it should give a more focused light. So keep the floor lamp’s practicality in mind before finalizing it.

7. Portability:

If you are living in a rented apartment or you have a house on wheels, you want a floor lamp that can be easily packed and moved. You do not want a very heavy floor lamp or one that requires permanent installment at one point. So, keep the weight and portability factors in consideration too.

8. Handling & care instructions:

With the joy of buying a new product for your home, comes the problem of handling and care. After spending a couple of dollars on an expensive product, you really don’t want to do any carelessness. But for people who already have a lot of house chores to do, this can be a burden. Especially if your floor lamp has very tiny detailing, it will take hours to clean it properly. Also, glass floor lamps can easily fall and shatter in the blink of an eye. For this purpose, you need to find a floor lamp that requires minimal effort for handling and comes with proper instructions to avoid any inconveniences in the future.

9. Features & Functions:

Modern floor lamps come with a lot of features. Some have multiple light options while others can work with Google Home or Alexa. These can work best in modern, digital spaces. If you are someone who loves technology and multiple modes of a product, you should definitely have a look at the features and functions of the floor lamp you are purchasing.

10. Choose the most popular option:

A popular way to order foods at restaurants that you have never been to before is to get their most popular dish. You can use the same technique for buying a floor lamp. Buy what everyone else is buying. Although I do suggest doing a little bit of research so that you can make sure you are getting the right thing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are floor lamps pricey as compared to other types of light fixtures?

Unfortunately, yes. Floor lamps are a bit expensive compared to other types of floor lamps. This price is, however, justified because they are taller and more material goes into their structure. Also, they are made in unique and modern designs so definitely a lot of the price is actually the labor cost.

As a beginner, what should be your basic goal while buying a floor lamp?

The basic goal while buying a floor lamp should be functionality and visual appeal. Buy something that looks good and serves the purpose. No need to go for something just because it is popular. As long as it is functional, it is best for you.

Are floor lamps easy to put together?

Floor lamps are quite easy to put together. Most of them come with simple instructions and you just have a few minutes to figure out how to put together different pieces. For someone who knows how to put together furniture pieces, a floor lamp is no big deal.

What Are the Most Important Factors to Consider While Buying a Floor Lamp?

The most important factors to consider while buying a floor lamp are Price, size, color, material, and functionality of the floor. If you only decide on these things, you would easily be able to find a floor lamp of your choice.

Which Floor Lamp is the Best for Use in a Modern Interior?

For a modern interior, a metallic tripod floor lamp with a neutral-colored lampshade will work best.


I hope this article would have helped you in making a decision about which floor lamp is the best for you. Everyone agrees that finding the right thing in the market requires a lot of brainstorming and also consumes a lot of time. Now that you have narrowed down your preferences, it would be very easy for you to find the floor lamp you have been looking for. So don’t think anymore, get up and go lamp shopping. Best of luck!

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