how to decorate using floor lamps

How to Decorate a Home Using Floor Lamp [Different Ways]

A lot of people, including myself, have a passion to decorate their homes with the best and most stylish items. The home industry is for sure, popping up with ideas and incredible new items to decorate your space with.

But sometimes, there is a problem that a lot of people face: how to decorate a space with one product in different ways? Especially when it comes to floor lamps, you really want to look up brand-new ideas. Well, read this article as we will outline different ways you can decorate your home using a floor lamp. 

different ways to decorate home using floor lamp

8 Different Ways to Decorate Your Home With a Floor Lamp

1. Use it to Light Up a Dark Corner

The main and obvious use of a floor lamp is to light up a dark corner. Especially if you live in a place where you don’t experience a lot of sunlight or your room is just in a congested corner of the house, using a floor lamp will totally elevate the whole look to another level. You can even use two-floor lamps placed at different corners of the rooms to balance out the light they are scattering.

2. Place it in Your Study to Create a Cozy Reading Nook

For a cold night, reading is something that gives you comfort and allows you to get warm and cozy as you go through your favorite piece of literature.

You can create a cozy corner in your room by placing a floor lamp beside your reading chair and a small bookshelf to hold all your favorite picks. This will give such a grandma-home vibe and will be a punch of nostalgia as it takes you back to your childhood.

3. Use a Floor Lamp to Highlight Art or Decor Pieces

If you are working with just a few decor pieces in your big room, a floor lamp can be a great way to put ‘light’ on them and make them prominent.

You can also use this to display any unique collection of artwork or decor items that are special and you want to be the highlight of the space. Just place the decor items on a small table or shelf beside the floor lamp and focus your light on it. You can definitely see the difference it made.

4. Make Your Entryway Lit Up With Your Floor Lamp

A lot of times, entryways are neglected when it comes to home decor. We decorate the living area or other parts of the house but leave the entryway.

Well, this is how you can utilize that space in your house too. Just get a pair of sleek and minimalist floor lamps.

You can place them right next to the front door or where the entryway ends. This way you can even put some paintings or pictures on the walls and make your entryway a personalized space.

5. Add a Lift to Your Room With a Tall Floor Lamp

For rooms that are too basic and don’t have anything modern, a floor lamp can be a great investment. Add a tall floor lamp next to your couch or closer to your work desk.

The light and the look of the lamp will add a modern flair to your basic and boring interiors. make sure your lamp is a bit extravagant in this case to look different and uplift the room.

6. Give an Illusion of Natural Light to Your Living Room

Sometimes, natural light can bring a lot of difference to your room interiors. But what if you don’t have any open windows to bring in the natural light? Well, a floor lamp will work in this case.

You can also use it for indoor photography where you want to add shadows from different angles. The illusion of natural light cascading through your room is an ideal way to elevate your interior.

7. Use Floor Lamps to Add Some Modern Flair 

For industrial-style apartments, floor lamps can help in bringing the modern flair to go with the build of the space. Nowadays, floor lamps are available in sleek, metallic finishes that are just perfect for defining the modern element.

8. Use Multiple Floor Lamps to Create a Sense of Openness

For a small space, using multiple floor lamps works similarly to glass walls. It opens up the space and makes it look bigger.

If you live in a very small dorm, you can use two-floor lamps placed at the opposite corners of the room and it will really make the space look wider and more open. This definitely works for tiny houses and apartments that look cramped up and jam-packed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does the Placement of the Floor Lamp Affect the Look of Your Room?

The entire look of the room is greatly affected by how and where you place your floor lamp. Placing it in the extreme corner will seclude it from the rest of the room and it won’t look synchronized. Also, placing it right next to the door will make it look like a hurdle in the flow of the room. So, it really matters how and where you place your floor lamp.

Can You Place a Floor Lamp in the Corner?

The floor lamp can be placed in the corner of the room but just make sure you don’t force it extremely back into the wall. Always leave some space and keep the lamp closer to any furniture rather than the corner walls. Let it create a flow in the arrangement of the room instead of being separated.

How to Decorate a Floor Lamp?

A floor lamp can be decorated in a number of ways. You can use a floral or decorated lampshade or you can add a planter near the lamp post. If your lamp is placed near a table, you can add decor items that match the lamp to add to the look of the lamp. You can also paint the floor lamp in the color of your choice to make it more personalized.

Can You Use Multiple Floor Lamps in a Room?

Yes. Using multiple floor lamps is actually a very clever hack to open up your room. Especially if you are living in a very cramped space, this will help make it look wider. You can also use multiple lamps to bring in the light factor.

How to Arrange Floor Lamps in a Room?

Just look around your room and see which corner looks the most empty. Don’t place a floor lamp in a spot that is already filled with a lot of furniture or decor. A usual place to arrange floor lamps is between the empty space of two couches or near a study area. It really depends on the arrangement of your room and the way you style it.


Having a floor lamp and not knowing how to decorate your home with it? I can feel you. This happens quite often when you have some decor items in hand but don’t know how to make use of it.

You really need to place and arrange the floor lamp in a way that makes your space look different and appealing. In this article, we gave a few tips about how to use a floor lamp. I hope these would be helpful next time you use them in your interiors.

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