how to disassemble a floor lamp

How to Disassemble Floor Lamp [DETAILED GUIDE]

Ever thought that whatever products we buy come with an assembly guide but not with the disassembling one?

How annoying is that? I personally find it very irritating when I have to disassemble something, and I don’t know where to get started.

Especially with fragile items like floor lamps, a minor mistake while taking them down can lead to damage and breakage.

So, if you have also invested in a floor lamp, you should go through this guide so that the next time you are traveling or moving things around, you should know where to get started. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Disassemble a Floor Lamp

Step-by-Step Guide to Disassemble a Floor Lamp

Step.1: Unplug the lamp

First things first, whenever it comes to electric appliances, safety should be your top priority. So, before handling any part of the floor lamp, make sure it is unplugged, and there is no running electricity in it. Also, before touching the plug, ensure that your hands are dry and you are not getting in contact with any wire directly. 

Step.2: Remove the lampshade

Now that the lamp is unplugged remove the lampshade. The lampshades are normally fixed with simple screws, and you can easily reach out to them by slightly tilting the lamp. Make sure you are using the right screwdriver for the purpose. 

Step.3: Remove light fixtures

Once the lampshade is removed, you are left with an exposed lamp pole with some light fixtures. Go ahead and remove those. They can be easily removed by rotating in the anti-clockwise direction. Just be careful not to rotate the light bulbs from the glass parts. Always handle them from the rim of the bulb to avoid damage and breakage. 

Step.4: Remove the Metallic frame

Now you can easily see the screws of the metallic frame of the lamp. Go ahead and unscrew them. This will leave your lamp in 2 pieces, the lampshade, and the lamp pole. Half of your work is already done by now.

Step.5: Remove the Socket and Electric Fixtures

Now comes the wire installments. Reach out to the base of the lamp pole, and you’ll see the attachments of the wires and sockets. Unscrew and remove them. Be very careful when you handle them as they are sensitive and also could be slightly damaging to your skin.

Step.6: Disassemble Any Remaining Parts

All the components will have been disassembled by now. If not, go ahead and just unscrew all the other parts that are left. Sometimes, floor lamps have decorative branches or little dangling lights. These need to be carefully secured and taken care of.

Step.7: Secure the Parts for Storage or Transport

Once you have put down everything, you must secure all the parts. Make sure all the screws are in hand in nothing is misplaced. You can use small ziplock bags to keep everything in one place. Secure them and then place all the smaller bags in a bigger box. You can also use bubble wrap for keeping fragile and sensitive items free from scratches and damage during transport. Don’t forget to label the boxes to remember which part is placed at what spot. Happy transportation to you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Cautions Should be Taken While Disassembling a Floor Lamp?

As with every other task that you do, caution and safety should always be your top priority. While disassembling your floor lamp, you should keep a few things in mind. Firstly, do not touch any wires before making sure it is unplugged and free from running electricity. Secondly, be very careful while tilting or moving around the lamp as it may contain glass parts that can easily break.

Are Floor Lamps Safe to be Handled by Beginners?

Floor lamps might look difficult to handle and take care of but honestly speaking, they are not that much of a big deal. Anyone with basic experience in handling stuff can easily assemble or disassemble a floor lamp.

How to Make Disassembling a Floor Lamp Child-Proof?

Make sure you are working at a spot that is not accessible to kids. It’s better to work in a closed room so that not only do your kids stay away but you can also focus on the work you are doing.

Do the Floor Lamps have any Choking Hazards?

Of course. Floor lamps come with small screws and tiny attachments. They can be choking hazards for kids if left unattended.

What are Some Tips That Should be Remembered While Handling a Floor Lamp?

Do not abruptly move the floor lamp or else it can cause breakage or damage. Wear gloves and make sure the electric supply is cut off. 

Are Floor Lamps Safe to be Handled by Beginners?


Now you see, it was that simple. A lot of times things might look very difficult when actually they are just simple and you can get used to them by trying them out for once. Floor lamps are delicate pieces of furniture and therefore the hesitation to handle them is quite natural. I hope this article would have helped you in disassembling your floor lamp with ease.

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