E12 VS E14

E12 Vs E14: Are They the Same or Not?

E12 and E14 are very similar in size, the difference between these two is 2mm, E12 size is 12mm, and E14 size is 14mm.

Here, we have put the E12 vs E14 blog post, where we compared both of these bulb base types, so, you can know all the differences.

Enough talking, let’s jump straight into the details of E12 and E14.

E12 Vs E14: Sizes and Al the Other Differences

E12 and E14 are quite similar, as they are both screw type, and also very similar in size with only 2mm difference. Below, we have put E12 against E14, so, you can know how they compared against one another.

Understanding E12 Bulb Bases

E12 bases, known as candelabra bases, possess a 12-millimeter diameter. Primarily found in decorative lighting setups like chandeliers and certain lamps, they accommodate smaller bulbs, creating a soft, elegant glow.

E12 bases offer an aesthetic touch, emphasizing ambiance over intense illumination due to their lower wattage support. Their petite size allows for accentuating specific areas within rooms, fostering a cozy atmosphere in various settings.

Understanding E14 Bulb Bases

Conversely, E14 bases, also referred to as small Edison screw bases, feature a slightly larger 14-millimeter diameter.

Commonly found in appliances and specialty lighting fixtures, E14 bases support slightly larger bulbs, offering a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Their increased size allows for slightly brighter illumination compared to E12 bases. However, compatibility limitations may arise with fixtures designed specifically for smaller bases, impacting their versatility in different settings.

E12 vs E14: Size and Compatibility Comparison

E12 bases, with their smaller diameter, cater to decorative lighting, setting an elegant ambiance. Conversely, E14 bases provide a slightly brighter illumination due to their larger size, suitable for certain appliances and specialty lighting setups.

Fixture compatibility varies, with E12 bases commonly found in chandeliers and smaller lamps, while E14 bases are prevalent in specific appliances and fixtures. These differences in size and compatibility influence their suitability for diverse lighting needs.

Which Base Suits Which Fixture Best?

E12 bases complement decorative lighting setups, enhancing aesthetics in chandeliers and specific lamps.

Meanwhile, E14 bases excel in appliances and specialized lighting, offering slightly brighter illumination for functional purposes. Choosing the suitable base relies on fixture compatibility and the desired lighting ambiance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

E12 Vs E14, Are They the Same?

No, E12 is not the same as E14. Both the E12 and E14 are Edison screw type basis, still, there are sizes differences, which makes them different.

E12 Vs E14: Are They Interchangeable?

No, E12 & E14 are not interchangeable. You need an adapter to convert from E12 to E14.

What’s the Difference Between E12 and E14?

The difference between E12 and E12 lies in the sizing. E12 is 12mm, and E14 is 14mm in diameter, so, there is a 2mm difference in the sizing.


E12 and E14 are not the same, as there lies the dimension difference. Also, both of these E12 and E14 are not interchangeable, so, if you need to use them in place of one another, you need to use a converter.

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