E12 VS E17

E12 vs E17: [All the Differences Revealed]

If you are confused about all the differences between the E12 & E17 bulb base sizes, this guide is for you.

Here, we have put E12 vs E17, allowing you to understand E12 and E17 differences. That being said, let’s check out the details about both of these bulb base types.

E12 Vs E17: Size Comparison & All the Differences

E12 & E17 are two of the most common bulb base sizes, below, we have provided you with all the details regarding both of these bulb types. Also, we have compared the E12 and E17 bases against each other.

What Defines an E12 Bulb Base?

The E12 bulb base, known as the candelabra base, is characterized by its smaller size with a diameter of 12 millimeters. These bases are commonly found in decorative lighting fixtures like chandeliers and certain lamps. E12 bases accommodate smaller, sleeker bulbs, adding an elegant touch to lighting arrangements.

However, due to their smaller size, E12 bases typically support bulbs with lower wattage capabilities compared to larger bases. This means they might not provide intense brightness but are excellent for creating cozy atmospheres or accentuating specific areas within a room. The charm of E12 bases lies in their ability to enhance aesthetics rather than being the primary source of illumination.

What Defines an E17 Bulb Base?

Conversely, the E17 bulb base, also known as the intermediate base, features a slightly larger diameter of 17 millimeters. These bases are commonly found in certain appliances and specific ceiling fans. E17 bases support slightly larger bulbs compared to E12 bases, allowing for brighter light output. Their larger size enables a broader range of applications, catering to both functional and decorative lighting needs.

However, their increased diameter might limit their compatibility with some decorative fixtures designed specifically for smaller bases. E17 bases are versatile, serving various lighting purposes in different household settings due to their increased wattage capabilities.

This comparison sheds light on the distinct characteristics and potential applications of both E12 and E17 bulb bases. Understanding their differences in size, compatibility, and typical usage in lighting fixtures can help determine the most suitable base for specific lighting needs in various household settings.

E12 vs E17: Size and Compatibility Comparison

E12 bases, with their smaller 12mm diameter, cater to decorative fixtures, offering a softer ambiance. In contrast, E17 bases, slightly larger at 17mm, excel in functional and slightly brighter lighting scenarios. Fixture compatibility varies, with E12 bases commonly found in chandeliers and smaller lamps, while E17 bases are prevalent in certain appliances and fans. These differences in size and compatibility dictate their suitability for different lighting needs.

Which Base Suits Which Fixture Best?

E12 bases harmonize with decorative lighting setups, enhancing aesthetics in chandeliers and specific lamps. Meanwhile, E17 bases thrive in appliances and specific ceiling fans, providing brighter illumination suited for functional lighting needs. Choosing the optimal base relies on fixture compatibility and the desired lighting ambiance.

Energy Efficiency and Longevity Analysis

Energy consumption between E12 and E17 bases differs, with E12 bases typically consuming less due to their lower wattage. However, both bases offer durable options, though specific factors like bulb type and usage patterns influence their longevity. Considering energy efficiency and durability aids in making informed choices for sustainable lighting solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are E12 & E17 the Same?

No, E12 & 17 are not same. There is a size difference between both of these bulb types. The E12 bulb base is 12mm in diameter, and on the other hand, the E17 is 17mm in diameter.

Are E12 & E17 Interchangeable?

No, E12 & E17 bases are not interchangeable. There are measurement differences between the two, which you need to keep in your mind.

What’s the Difference Between E12 & E17 Bulb Bases?

The difference between E12 and E17 lies in the size. E12 has a size of 12mm, and on the other hand, E17 bulbs come with a size of over 17mm. Other than that, there is no difference between both of these bulb bases, as both work on the same screw-type mechanism.


Although E12 & E17 both are screw-type bases, they are not the same, as E12 has a 12mm diameter, and E17 comes with a 17mm diameter.

Here, we have put the E12 and the E17 bases against each other, so, you would know which of them is good for your needs.

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