E14 Vs E17 Are They Interchangeable

E14 Vs E17 Bulb Base: Are These Interchangeable?

If you are confused between E14 and E17 bulb bases, you have found the sweet spot, as here, we have put E14 Vs E17, so, you can have a detailed comparison of both of these bulb bases.

Here, in this blogpost, we have provided you with all the information you would need regarding E14, and E17 bulb bases, including, whether they are interchangeable, whether are they the same, and how they compare against each other.

What is E14 Bulb Base?

The E14 base, also known as the “small Edison screw” base, is a widely used socket type for smaller light bulbs, especially in Europe and other regions.

It measures 14mm in diameter and is characterized by its fine threads. This base is commonly found in various lighting applications, including chandeliers, desk lamps, ceiling fans, and decorative fixtures.

One of the notable features of the E14 base is its versatility in accommodating different types of bulbs, such as incandescent, halogen, CFL (compact fluorescent lamp), and LED bulbs.

While historically associated with incandescent bulbs, the E14 base has adapted to newer, more energy-efficient technologies like LED, providing consumers with a range of choices in terms of brightness, color temperature, and energy efficiency.

The E14 base is distinguishable by its smaller size compared to the larger E27 base. Despite its diminutive stature, it remains a popular choice due to its compatibility with various lighting fixtures, offering users flexibility in lighting options for both residential and commercial spaces. Its widespread use in diverse lighting solutions contributes to its continued relevance and availability in the market.

What is E17 Bulb Base?

The E17 base, commonly referred to as the “intermediate Edison screw” base, is a socket type predominantly used in North America for various lighting fixtures. Its name, E17, signifies its size, featuring a diameter of 17mm. This base type is particularly recognized for its application in smaller lamps, appliances, and decorative lighting arrangements.

Similar to other Edison screw bases, the E17 accommodates a range of bulb types, including incandescent, halogen, CFL (compact fluorescent lamp), and LED bulbs. However, it’s important to note that the E17 base is less common than its larger counterparts like the E26 or E27 bases.

One of its notable features is its compatibility with appliances such as microwave ovens, under-cabinet lighting, Christmas lights, and smaller decorative lamps. This base type provides adequate support for bulbs in these fixtures, offering users options for various lighting needs in confined spaces or appliances where larger bases might not fit.

While less prevalent than some other socket types, the E17 base remains a practical choice for specific applications, catering to the lighting requirements of smaller fixtures and appliances found in North American households and specific commercial settings.

E14 Vs E17: Are They the Same?

E14 and E17 bases are not the same but share similarities in their Edison screw design. The main difference lies in their sizes: E14 has a diameter of 14mm, while E17 measures 17mm in diameter.

Their dissimilarity in size makes them incompatible without the use of adapters. E14 is commonly found in Europe and is utilized for smaller lamps and decorative fixtures, whereas E17, prevalent in North America, is often used in appliances and smaller lighting fixtures.

Though both are Edison screw bases and serve similar purposes, their size discrepancy prevents direct interchangeability.

When selecting bulbs or fixtures, ensuring compatibility with the specific base type is crucial for proper fitting and functionality. Therefore, while they share the Edison screw design and serve similar lighting needs, their varying sizes render them distinct and incompatible without additional adapters or modifications.

Are E14 and E17 Bulb Bases Interchangeable?

No, E14 and E17 bulb bases are not interchangeable due to their differing sizes. The E14 base has a diameter of 14mm, while the E17 base measures 17mm in diameter. This difference in size makes direct interchangeability between these bases impossible without the use of adapters or converters.

Attempting to fit an E14 bulb into an E17 socket or vice versa without the appropriate adapter can lead to improper fitting, potential damage to the bulb or socket, and pose a safety risk.

It’s crucial to use bulbs with bases that match the specific socket size of the fixture to ensure a proper and safe fit. If interchangeability between E14 and E17 bases is necessary, using suitable adapters designed for this purpose is recommended to ensure compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can We Use E14 Instead of E17 Bulb Base?

No, you cannot use E14 instead of E17 directly, although, you can use adapters and converters in order to convert the E14 to E17.

What is Bigger E14 or E17?

E17 is bigger than E14, as it is 17mm in size as compared to the 14mm size of the E14 bulb.

Can Adapters Increase the Size of Bulb Base?

Yes, the adapter can increase the size of the bulb base. You need to get the right adapter to get the perfect fit.


Ensuring the correct bulb base for a fixture is essential for safety and functionality. While E14 and E17 bases are not interchangeable due to their size differences, adapters can facilitate compatibility if needed.

However, using adapters should be done cautiously, ensuring they are designed for safe conversion between these bases. Prioritizing proper matching of bulb bases to socket sizes is crucial to avoid hazards and ensure optimal performance in lighting fixtures.

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