how to fix the floor lamp base

How to Fix a Floor Lamp Base (Proper Guide)

Broken items are always a source of constant worry, especially if you have spent a fortune on their purchase. Stuff like floor lamps, which are very expensive and sometimes high maintenance, require to be handled with a lot of care. If they suffer even minor damage, they will become very difficult to fix. For people who are facing a similar situation with their floor lamp base, either it is wobbly or has some cracks, or there is any other type of damage, this article will help you out in fixing your floor lamp base. So, let’s get started.

Simple Tips to Fix a Floor Lamp Base

Here are some simple tips to fix a floor lamp base. Use can use these ideas in a variety of ways. Let’s see what we have got for you.

Tighten up the Screws

Tighten up the Screws

The first and most straightforward way to fix any wobbly item is to check its screws. A lot of times, floor lamp bases become loose over time, especially if you are in the habit of moving them around in the room or you shift homes frequently. Reach out to the bottom of the floor lamp and find out where the screws are. Tighten them up and check if it creates any difference. It will make your floor lamp sturdier. Next time, while moving your floor lamp around, avoid dragging it from the pole, or it will again make your lamp base loose and wobbly.

Use Power Glue

There is nothing a good old, trusty power glue can’t fix. If you see cracks in the lamp base, fill it with some E6000 power glue and let it sit overnight. It will do the task for you. This hack is particularly useful if your lamp is lightweight wood or metal. For heavy-duty materials, however, you need to go for other options that are stronger and more durable.

Use Power glue

Replace the Lamp Base with a New One

You know what they say, “When you can’t fix, replace it’. Sometimes the damage could be irreparable, and you might need to change the lamp base completely. Thankfully, lamp bases are available separately, and you can easily match one with your lamp pole. If you are looking for cheaper options, you can check out your nearby thrift store. Who knows, you might end up finding a whole new lamp altogether. 

Add Weight to the Lamp Base

Sometimes the only problem with your lamp base would be an imbalance in the weight. The lampshades might get heavier, mainly if contains dangling diamonds and mini chandeliers.

Add Weight to the Lamp Base
Use Epoxy Resin

Use Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is not only a quick fix for your lamp base, but it is also a fun art activity. For people like me who love to do crafts, this is something that you would fall in love with and enjoy doing it. Order some epoxy resin and hardener and follow the mixing instructions. Once you are done mixing, fill the cracks with the resin. You can go with different color combinations and create marble effects on your lamp base. It all depends on your creativity and how you plan to do it.

Seek Professional Help

I know you love to do things firsthand and gain experience in whatever you do. But let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help wherever required. If your lamp base is a hopeless case and you do not know where to get started, just don’t think much about it. Find a local person who does lamp stuff and get your lamp base fixed.

Seek Professional Help

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Some of the Reasons Your Lamp Base Can Become Wobbly?

The lamp base could be wobbly because of loose screws or unstable surfaces. It can also be because of an imbalance in the lamp shade weight. There could also be damage to the lamp pole leading to the wobbly lamp base.

Is Getting a New Lamp Base separately worth the money? Or You Can Buy a New Lamp at the Same Price?

Lamp bases are readily available at very reasonable prices. You can easily replace your broken or damaged lamp base with a new one by visiting your local hardware store. These are also available at thrift stores at much cheaper prices. I recommend buying a lamp base rather than a new lamp. It is totally worth the money.

Can A Lamp Base Be Fixed At Home With Ease, Or Is It Necessary To Seek Professional Help For It?

Minor issues with the lamp base can be easily fixed at home without professional help. However, it depends upon the degree of damage your lamp base has received, which will determine whether you need professional help or you can do it at home on your own.

My Lamp Is Doing Great Overall But Sometimes It Tips Over With A Slight Brush Of Air, Do I Need To Look Into The Base?

You should look at your floor lamp. There might be something wrong with the pole or the base. The floor lamp might also tip over because the surface is not stable enough. There could be multiple reasons, so you should check out and ensure you know what is wrong with your floor lamp.

Which Lamp Bases Are The Best In Terms Of Stability And Structure?

Lamp bases come in a lot of different shapes and materials. The best ones in terms of stability and structure are the ones that are metallic and wooden. Marble lamp bases are also quite sturdy but considerably expensive compared to other types. 


So, now you know how to get your lamp base fixed. I hope half of your worries will be over now. After spending a lot of money on your lamp, spending another few hundred to get it fixed is the last thing you want.

Sometimes, damage cannot be avoided, and you must compromise certain things. Well, in that case, a few simple hacks can save you from future expenses. I hope this article has helped you in answering any queries you might be having about your floor lamp.

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