How to Fix Floor Lamp Pole

How to Fix a Floor Lamp Pole [Step-By-Step]

Steps for floor lamp fixing

Oftentimes it happens that our lamp becomes loose from a spot and becomes all wobbly. Have you experienced this situation? This might be due to a lot of reasons. It could be because you move your lamp around a lot and due to the frequent dragging of the lamp, the lamp pole might get loose from any spot. Now you might be thinking how to fix it so that it is tight again. In this article, we will give you a simple step-by-step guide to fixing a floor lamp and making it tight enough to stand tall at one spot. So let’s get started.

Steps for Fixing Floor Lamp Pole

Step 1: Unplug the Cord

First of all, unplug the cord of the floor lamp. You don’t want any accident to happen while you are fixing the lamp. Also, during tightening the lamp pole, the cord might get pulled from any spot. So make sure you unplug it as a precaution and prevent any such thing from happening.

Step 2: Examine the Lamp to See Where the Lamp is Loose

The next step is to check which point is making the lamp lose. It might be from the upper end where the lampshade gets attached or the lower end which is attached to the lamp base. 

Examine the Lamp to See Where the Lamp is Loose

Step 3: Lean the Lamp on the Floor

Now lean the floor lamp on the floor so that you can have easy access and grip on all of its parts. Don’t forget to remove the lampshade so that the lamp pole sits on the ground easily.

Step 4: Hold the Lamp Pole and Twist it in a Clockwise Direction

Now from the point where the lamp pole is loose, hold it and twist it in a clockwise direction from the loose point. This twisting will screw the lamp pole back in its place. Make sure it is tight and secure enough.

Hold the Lamp Pole and Twist it in a Clockwise Direction

Step 5: Put the Lamp Back On and Move to Check if it is Tightened

Now that you have tightened it, put the lamp upright and move it slightly to check if it is tightened or is still wobbly. Tighten it a bit more until it is not loose anymore and is perfect to be in working condition.

Step 6: Tighten the Screws If Any

Once, you have made the lamp pole tight, check if there are any additional screws in the pole. If any screws are present, tighten them for providing extra strength to your upright standing structure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why a Lamp Pole Becomes Loose?

Lamp poles can become loose because of various reasons. It can be due to wear and tear which it experiences over time. Another reason could be poor installation. A lot of times, lamp poles are not fixed properly and, thus, become wobbly with the passage of time. Moving or dragging the lamp all over the place could also make the lamp pole lose.

I have Tightened My Floor Lamp Pole, But It is Still Wobbly; What Should I Do?

If your lamp pole is still wobbly after tightening it, you need to check a few things. Check the base of the lamp pole, there must be a loose screw you haven’t seen yet. There could also be some damage in the screws which is not letting it become tight. Also, check the fixtures and see if they are nice and secure.

How to Keep My Lamp Upright for Longer?

For keeping your lamp upright for longer, you need to do very simple things. Make sure you are properly installing the lamp. Also, perform routine maintenance of your lamp to avoid any wear or tear.

How to Fix My Floor Lamp So that it Won’t Fall Over?

To fix your floor lamp, check the base of the lamp and ensure it is heavy and sturdy. Check all the connections and tighten them. Fix the pole, and if it is still loose, replace it.

Is There Only One Fixing Spot in My Floor Lamp Pole?

It depends upon the type of floor lamp. Some floor lamps have a single fixing spot, while others can have multiple points of connection. The number of fixing spots determines how strong your lamp pole is.

Fixing Floor Lamp Poles


If you were also worried about your wobbly floor lamps that need some TLC, this article will tell you how to get your lamp back in its shape. It’s a very quick process that can be done in no more than 15 minutes and you will be able to fix the lamp pole back tight and secure. Let me tell you, regular maintenance is required for every electronic appliance and this should be taken care of in a floor lamp too. Follow the steps given above and get your lamp pole nice & secure.

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