Advantages and Disadvantages of Floor lamps (GUIDE)

Are you the kind of person who does detailed research on everything before purchasing? Because I prefer looking into every benefit and side effect of a product before deciding to invest.

As for things like floor lamps are concerned, I won’t lie,  they are a burden on the pocket. They are a bit on the pricey side, and you don’t want to take a risk when spending this much money. So, today I’ll tell you the different advantages & disadvantages of a floor lamp, and I’ll leave it to you to decide whether you should purchase one. 

Advantages of Floor Lamps

Let’s have a look at all the good things first.

advantages of floor lamps
pros of getting a floor lamp for room

Versatility in Design and Style

If you have ever visited a floor lamp shop, you would be amazed to see how versatile and unique designs are available. From heavy brass antique lamps to minimal industrial-style floor lamps, there is something for almost everyone. You can find a lamp that suits your personal preference, the functionality you want, and the style statement you want in your room.

Illumination of Dark Corners and Large Spaces

Sometimes you don’t have abundant natural light passing through your home, especially in modern apartments; lighting is the main issue. For this purpose, a floor lamp could illuminate a dark corner or ample space that needs more lighting to look prominent. It can also be used to make a specific art piece prominent.

Easy to Move and Adjust

Floor lamps are not heavy, and you can easily move them around. So, if you are the kind of person who changes the setting and layout of the room every now & then, floor lamps would be an easy piece of furniture for you to work with. They also come with adjustable arm length or lamp poles to make them work according to your requirements.

It Can Act as a Decorative Piece in a Room

Floor lamps are classy & trendy. Just by adding a floor lamp in a corner, you will see the whole look of the room will be changed. You can choose one that goes with the color scheme of your room. It is a great addition to your interior design.

Energy-Efficient Options Available

Talking about modern floor lamps, they are energy efficient and save you quite a few bucks on your electricity bills. This is, I think, very important in today’s world where resources are declining day by day, and you need to be considerate about the environmental effect of using excessive electricity or any other type of fuel.

Disadvantages of Floor Lamps

Now let’s go through the few disadvantages of floor lamps.

Takes up Floor Space

If you have a very small floor space, such as a dorm room or a small studio apartment, floor lamps can take up a lot of functional space. Especially arc lamps could cause clutter around in your room, and you don’t want this if you struggle to manage your stuff in a small space.

Can be a Tipping Hazard

Floor lamps are a big NO if you have crawling toddlers. The lamp can trip over by the slightest push or pull and may be the reason for an accident. One way to avoid this is by baby-proofing your floor lamp so the kids can’t reach out to the floor lamp.

Limited llumination in Comparison to Other Lighting Fixtures

 Due to the presence of the lamp shade, a floor lamp provides comparatively limited illumination compared to other lighting fixtures. The light only spreads to a small area, and therefore, it is not the best option if you want a light fixture to improve your productivity.

Can be Difficult to Position for Optimal Lighting

Again, to get the maximum benefit from the light of a floor lamp, you need to place it at a practical point. It can only help you in being productive if you have placed it next to a table or a couch. Otherwise, it offers no practical benefit.

Can Be Expensive Depending on the Design and Features

As I said in the introduction, floor lamps are a bit pricey. They can be a burden on your pocket. However, it is a one-time investment, and you would use it for a long time.

disadvantages of floor lamps
cons of getting a floor lamp

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Floor Lamp

Now that you know the pros and cons of a floor lamp, here are some factors you should consider before buying.

Purpose and Functionality

Ask yourself what the purpose of buying this floor lamp is. If you buy one for decorative purposes, you can go for fancy brass detailing floor lamps. On the other hand, if you are using it for practical purposes like sewing and knitting, you should go for ones that have extendable and adjustable poles and more focused light.

Room Size and Layout

For smaller rooms, go for floor lamps that are sleek and only occupy a little space. For larger ones, you can for ones with bigger lampshades and taller lamp poles.

Height and Size of Lamp

Consider the height of the rest of the furniture and the ceiling height, and then buy the floor lamp accordingly. Everything should go in flow rather than look irregular and absurd.

Design and Style

There are tons of styles available in floor lamps. Decide the theme and design of your room and choose the lamp accordingly.

Bulb Type and Wattage

Depending upon your requirement, check the wattage of the bulb and see which matches your preferences.

Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, a lot of appliances come with the energy efficiency feature. This is eco-friendly and economical as well. Don’t think of any other option if you have this floor lamp available; just go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Main Advantages of Using a Floor Lamp?

Floor Lamps are:
Versatile & Unique
Lit up a space
Can be used as a decorative item
Energy efficient
Easy to maintain

Are Floor Lamps Energy-Efficient Compared to Other Lighting Options?

Floor lamps that come with energy efficiency features are better than other lighting options. You just need to check if the one you are purchasing has the feature or not.

What are Some Common Design Styles Available For Floor Lamps?

There are very different types of design styles available in floor lamps, such as:
Mid-century modern
Tiffany style 
Art Deco

Can a Floor Lamp Be Used as the Primary Lighting Source in a Room?

Yes, a floor lamp can be used as the primary lighting source in a room, depending on the size of the room and the brightness of the lamp. However, it’s important to consider the lamp’s brightness, color temperature, and beam angle to ensure adequate lighting for the space.

What Are the Potential Safety Concerns Associated With Using a Floor Lamp?

Potential safety concerns associated with using a floor lamp include:
Fire Hazard
Electric shock
Tipping hazard


So what do you think? You will be purchasing a floor lamp or not? Well, my final verdict is, the cons of the floor lamps are not that convincing.

They are manageable with a little bit of care and good handling. But looking at the advantages, I can clearly say floor lamps are a reasonable purchase for anyone who wants a unique and functional addition to their living room. So, wait no more and get the floor lamp of your dreams. You are surely gonna love it.

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