Hide Floor Lamp Cords

How to Hide Floor Lamp Cords (9 Simple and Easy Ways)

There is one thing we all can agree on: we hate cords lying around. They just take away the charm of the entire interior decor and give a messy and shabby look to your room design. But we cannot get rid of the cords because then, how will the electronics work? But there is always something you can do in this situation. Well, hiding the cords of floor lamps is not that much of a big deal. Just some quick hacks and there you go, cords invisible! So let’s have a look at some simple ways to hide your floor lamp wires.

hiding floor lamp cords

What is Cable Masking?

Cable masking might sound like a very technical term, but it actually is just a fancy word for ‘Hiding the cords’. A lot of people get this done professionally in order to camouflage all the visible wires in their homes. You can also do this process at home by yourself. Some of the easy, DIY cable masking techniques will be highlighted in this article as well. 

9 Ways to Hide Floor Lamp Cords

1. Use Flexible Spirals

Flexible spirals are small gadgets that are used to hold your cords in place. The small stretchy spirals will hold all your wires and you can easily tuck them somewhere away from everyone’s eye. This is a great way to prevent your floor lamp cords from getting tangled. If you use an extension for lighting up your floor lamp, this will be perfect for keeping the cords in place when the lamp is turned off.

2. Decorate the Lamp Cords

You know what they say when you can’t hide something, make it look fancy! Decorating your lamp cord will not only give it an attractive look but will also be a fun project.  It is particularly suitable for kids’ rooms. You can wrap around some ribbons or even paint the cords. What about some crochet around the cords? Limits are endless and it’s all about your creativity and how you give your cords a fun look.

3. Add an LED Light Strip Over the Cord

LED strips are very much in trend these days. Especially in gaming rooms or office settings, they really give a cool outlook. If your lamp is also in such a room, you can clip the lamp cord to the wall near the floor, using some command strips. Once they are secure, you can add an LED strip over them. Make sure you also paste the LED strip in the rest of your room too otherwise, it will look very obvious and ill-fitting. Keep the LED strip blended with the decor.

4. Paste Some Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are all the rage these days. Especially the ones that look like mirrors when you stick them on the wall. If you have a floor lamp covering a wall and the cords are taking all the attention, a wall sticker will be a great distraction. Just get a big one that can cover a good amount of area. 

5. Paint With the Same Color As the Wall

If your floor lamp has cords fixed on the walls, you can simply paint over it. Most cords come in black colors and they don’t really look pleasing to the eye. For this purpose, painting over them is really a great way to make them look less prominent.  This will give a blended-in look to the cords. Next time you’ll look at the same cord, it won’t be popping out the way it was earlier.

6. Use Zip Ties to Hold Long Cords

Zip Ties come in handy for doing a lot of different things. Holding cords together is something zip ties have been used for quite a long time. For floor lamps that have very long cords or ones that work with extension wires, this could be a great idea to keep them together and prevent them from laying around everywhere.

7. Hide the Cord Under the Furniture

For avoiding your cords from being seen, one easy way is to stick them under nearby furniture. You can stick a small hook under a table and fix the cord on the hook. This way it can easily reach the electric outlet without being weirdly laying around. 

8. Use a Planter or Vase to Hold the Bulk of the Cords

If you have a planter placed near your floor lamp, this is the most clever way to utilize it. You can hold all the cords with a zip tie and put them in the nearest planter. Especially during the day when the lamp is not turned on, this will be a great way to hide the cords and will also prevent tangles.

9. Use a Cord Cover

Cord covers are easily available online or in hardware stores. They are used to hold your wires together and camouflage them. They also come in different designs that almost look like decor pieces so that no one can tell what the cord cover is actually holding. You can also make such covers on your own using resin or art clay. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Buy Battery-Operated Floor Lamps to Hide Cords?

Just to get rid of all the wires that lamps come with, buying a battery-operated or cordless version will be a great option. These are also easily available though they are a bit more expensive than the regular ones. They are definitely a steal as they are portable and there is no hassle of keeping the cords together.

Why Do We Need to Hide Floor Lamp Cords?

Floor lamp cords are required to be hidden for all obvious reasons. They don’t look appealing and dim all the attraction of the lamp as well as the rest of the room. They also tend to tangle a lot with other wires especially if it is a workspace. Hiding them from sight will give a much cleaner look to the room. It also helps when you have babies in your home and you don’t want them to play around with electric fixtures.

Why is Hiding Floor Lamp Cords Risky?

Sometimes, very heavily concealed cords could actually be risky. There can be moments when you need to take out the cord from the outlet because there is an electric spark. Sometimes you might move the floor lamp abruptly and it may jerk off the lamp cord from the connection spot. So, there has to be a balance when you are hiding the floor lamp cord.

Is There Any Alternative to Hiding Floor Lamp Cords?

The best alternative is to buy a cordless floor lamp. These can be easily moved around in the room. You don’t have to place them near the electricity outlet only, they can be placed wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about the tangling of the cords and babies playing around the floor lamp. Everything is secure with a cordless floor lamp.

How to Baby-Proof a Floor Lamp?

Hiding the cords is one of the ways to baby-proof a floor lamp. You can also place it behind a furniture barrier to cut off access to the lamp.


Floor lamp cords are the least appealing thing when you place them in a room. The cords look just too boring and unappealed, and I am sure everyone thinks the same way. While there is the option of buying cordless floor lamps, what to do with the floor lamp you already have.

Well, Hide the cords! In this post, we discussed some cool and simple ways to hide floor lamp cords. I think you should give them a try and see how it works for you. Do let us know in the comments.

Simple ways for hiding lamp cords

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