Different Types of Floor Lamps(10 Popular Options)

10 Different Types of Floor Lamps (Floor Lamps That You Can Get in 2023)

Going out shopping is always a hectic task as many options are available for every product in the market.

Sometimes it takes hours to decide which product matches your preferences the best. The same is the case with floor lamp shopping.

The lamp industry is going crazy with introducing new variables of floor lamps almost every single month. Going into a lamp store is a nerve-wracking task.

We have decided to make the process easier for you by sorting out the 10 most popular floor lamp options available out there. Check these out and decide which suits your liking the best before making a purchase.

10 Different Types of Floor Lamps You Can Get in 2023

1. Swing Arm lamp

The swing arm lamp is the most convenient when it comes to light adjustment. The lamp shade is fixed on the ‘arm’ of the lamp base, which can be easily rotated around to get the light on the desired area. The swinging feature of the lampshade also makes it look cool and aesthetically pleasing. Most swing Arm lamps have a plain rectangular pole which gives a minimal look.

2. Torchiere Lamp

For all vintage interior lovers, Torchiere Lamp is the best choice. It usually consists of a glass top with a light on the open end. The old, grandma-house vibe this lamp gives is something we all love to have. This lamp is perfect for giving your room a warm and cozy feel. It is also an ideal choice for winter locations. The lamp is primarily a decor item rather than a functional light fixture. So, go for it if your room already fulfills lighting requirements.

3. Tower lamp

Want a decor shelf and floor lamp in the exact placement? A tower lamp should be your go-to product. It consists of a vertical shelf-like structure with a lamp fixture in the top compartment. You can place your decor items, books, or small planters in the button tiers, whereas the top shelf serves as a light compartment. It gives a unique, sculpted look necessary for modern apartment interiors. The product is two-in-one, so it provides more practicality and saves space.

4. Table Lamp

It might sound confusing, but a floor table lamp differs from an ordinary one. It is a tall floor lamp with a table attached to it. This is a product of choice if you have limited space to place a table and a floor lamp separately. This is the perfect choice for tiny rooms or apartments. This floor table lamp can be a functional alternative for bedrooms where bed nightstands don’t have light fixtures.

5. Club Lamp

A club lamp is the most familiar form of floor lamp. It comes with a narrow, naked, decorative metallic or wooden column with a lampshade. It might sound boring, but you can also play around with the lampshade to make it look attractive. Add a colorful, printed lampshade to give it a fun look. A plain white lampshade will also work with a minimal interior. This lamp is ideal for people who want to keep things simple without extra or loud furniture pieces.

6. Tree Lamp

A tree lamp is popular in industrial-style studio apartments. The lamp pole consists of multiple lights at the end, which can be adjusted in different dimensions to spread the light. It is also popular to be placed in art galleries and photo studios because the light adjustment feature is more functional in these settings. You can also use this lamp if you love to film youtube shorts or Tiktoks, where it can serve the purpose of a ring light. The general look of the lamp is also attractive and modern.

7. Task Lamp

For all the workaholics out there, this is the lamp for you. A task lamp can stand near your work or study table and give you a focused light projection. The adjustable lampshade gives the added benefit of bringing the light closer or moving it farther away. You can use it in your study space while sitting there on a cold winter night and enjoying your favorite book with a cup of coffee. The focused light does not spread light all around the room, so this way, you can work without disturbing others.

8. Candelabra Lamp

Remember those old, vintage lamps that looked like candle stands? That’s where the word ‘candelabra’ came from. This lamp consists of a long lamp past with candle-like multiple light fixtures at the end. It is usually topped up with a vintage lampshade. This lamp is a great way to add a vintage touch to the interiors if you have modern furniture in your room.

9. Arch Floor lamp

Arch floor lamps are a great way to add a flair of drama to your living or dining room. This lamp is an excellent substitute if you want to avoid adding a chandelier to your room. The arch floor lamp can cover a lot of space for lighting up and give a modern touch to your area. This is also great for amping up your simple interiors without adding much stuff. 

10. Novelty Floor lamp

For people who are fans of functionality and practicality, a novelty floor lamp is something to go for. It is a type of floor lamp that is convertible into some other practical gadget, such as a sweeping pole or a mop. Some novelty floor lamps also convert into vacuum cleaners, so it is the best choice for someone who goes for function over style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Factors Should Be Considered While Buying a Floor Lamp?

A lot of factors come into consideration when buying a floor lamp. 

First of all, comes the cost. The very modern and unique lamps could be very costly so you should keep your budget in mind before making a purchase. 

Secondly, consider your style and size preference. Keep in mind the space you have allotted for your lamp placement and purchase the one that fits there perfectly.

And lastly, consider the overall look of your space. Your floor should be a synchronization rather than a forced, odd addition.

Which Floor Lamp is the Best for Use in a Student Dorm Room?

For a student’s dorm room, as there is not a lot of space available, you need to find a lamp that does not cramp up and is functional. A tower lamp or a floor table lamp could be a very practical and aesthetic choice. It can be used at the side of the bed for night reading and will also provide a lot of space to store your books and little trinkets that normally take up a lot of desk space.

Which Floor Lamp is Famous for Living Rooms?

Floor lamps go best in living room settings. But with all the options available, choosing the right one could be a problem. A candelabra lamp or a club lamp will go for all types of living rooms while an arch floor lamp is the best for modern living room designs.

How to Give a Modern Look to Your Old Floor Lamp?

Your old floor lamp could be given a modern look by doing simple alterations. You can change the old boring lampshade with a new, fancy, and colorful one to give your room a pop of color. You can also replace the old, detailed lamp post with a simple plain black one as they are more in trend these days. Adding a few planters around your floor lamp can also create a lot of difference in how your floor lamp is presented.

How is a Floor Lamp Better than a Table Lamp?

Although table lamps have their own benefits, floor lamps are always better than table lamps. They add a wow factor to your boring room design. Table lamps are most suitable for bedroom or study tables while a floor lamp can go with any type of interior. Floor lamps alone can change the entire look of your room, plus they also give more light coverage as compared to a table lamp.

What Makes Floor Lamps Popular?

Floor lamps became popular as they elevate the look of the room. They not only fulfill the lighting requirements but also provide the decor element to the room. Although they are a bit expensive compared to other lamp types, they are definitely worth the price when we look at the functionality of floor lamps.


Now that you know about the different types of floor lamps, you can make a better decision about which floor lamp you should go for. Don’t forget to keep the size and design of your room in your mind before you go out looking for the right lamp. Also, narrow out your budget to make the process more easier for you. You can also consult your interior designer friend to help you make the right choice from all the available options. I hope this article was helpful for you. Happy Lamp Shopping!

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