How to Make a Cheap Floor Lamp Look Expensive

How to Make a Cheap Floor Lamp Look Expensive [UPDATED]

What is the reason for adding all the decor items to your home, including floor lamps? You need to make your home look luxe, right?

But what if you cannot buy those expensive floor lamps as they are out of your budget? Can you make your cheap, low-budget floor lamp look costly?

There surely is. Infarct, quite a few ways can help you give your cheap floor lamp a luxurious look. Let’s look at a few simple ways and see what works best for you.

Easy Ways to Make Your Floor Lamp Look Expensive

1. Use a Tripod

One way to give a new look to your lamp is by changing the lamp pole. The straight lamp poles, although they give a very minimal look, are actually quite common and everyone has those basic lamps in their homes.

Replace it with a tripod and you’ll see how much difference it will create. For an office setting, a metallic tripod will look chic.

2. Add a Rustic Look

If you have a wooden floor lamp, you can make it work for your farmhouse interiors. Paint the wood with a darker wood stain to match the vibe of your room.

Different shades of wood stains are available which give a rustic feeling to the room. You can also place a small rattan basket near it to place your blankets and throws. Sit back and enjoy the rustic farmhouse interiors that you always wanted.

3. Apply a Fresh Coat of Copper Spray Paint

Copper definitely speaks of luxury. For a cheap metallic floor lamp, adding a fresh coat of copper spray paint will not only change the look of the lamp completely but will also add some glamor to the boring floor lamp.

In a room that has the same color scheme going throughout, this trick will work perfectly and give your lamp a new life. Spray paint also helps maintain the metallic lamp for a very long time so it is definitely worth it.

4. Use Light Bulbs That Look Like Chandeliers

Have you seen those cool light fixtures on Amazon that can fit multiple bulbs at the same time? You should definitely check them out.

They make your floor lamp look like a chandelier and who doesn’t love that? You can choose lights that are remote-controlled and change tones. This way you can make the lights work according to the mood in the room.

5. Choose Luxe Lampshades

Lampshades are the central element when looking at the lampshade. A luxe lampshade will be very helpful in masking the lamp pole if it is cheap. If you cannot change the entire lamp, just change the lampshade.

Get lampshades made up of glass or ones that have to dangle, chandelier-like diamond ornaments. Lampshades made up of rattan and wicker are also quite luxurious if you are living in a country-style cottage.

6. DIY Your Lampshade to Give a Customized Look

When you can’t find the product of your choice in that market, you can always make your own. Lampshades can be customized in various simple ways.

You can use a fabric that matches the color of your couch; it will look like you got the whole living room furniture including the floor lamp, from a high-end designer. You can also paint a plain lampshade to give it an artistic look.

Another way is to use old CDs. Break the CDs into small portions and paste them on the lampshade with the silver side of the CDs outwards. It will give a mirror effect. The possibilities are endless and the results are always beyond expectations.

7. Get Creative With Paints

Painting is an amazing hobby and it helps you unleash your inner artist. If you have a creative side and you admire the artwork, this will be a great idea to show off your talent.

Grab some fabric paint and get started to give your lampshade a new look. You can even paint an entire scenery or just draw irregular patterns to give an abstract effect.

For a girl’s room, floral patterns would work best. Paintings are very expensive and having a floor lamp with some paint swatches will definitely radiate luxury.

8. Arrange your decor items creatively

If you don’t know what to do with the floor lamp, maybe just work around with the decor items you have in your room.

As I mentioned earlier, a small basket to hold the blankets or a planter with some big leaves placed close to the lamp will make your corner pop out.

You can also place a pottery vase or a bookshelf near the lamp to elevate its look. A rocking chair will also be a great idea to make a vintage spot in your living room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Floor Lamp Gives the Most Luxurious Look?

This question does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. There are a lot of different options available when it comes to buying floor lamps. It depends upon your choice and the aesthetic you are going with.  Tripod lamps and ones with metallic finish typically give the most luxurious look. 

I Have a Simple and Minimalist Room Design: How Can I Add a Luxury Feeling Using My Floor Lamp?

First of all, make sure you choose an appealing floor lamp. Secondly, make sure it matches the minimalist design of your room. A significantly extra-looking floor lamp won’t go well with a primary setting. The key to adding luxury to your room is synchronization. You can go for a black or silver finish for the lamp to make it look a little bit elevated.

How to Make My Floor Lamp Look Expensive Using Products from the Dollar Store?

The dollar store is the hub for getting your craft supplies at cheap and affordable prices. You can find spray paints, ornaments, floral vines, and whatnot. Just make an image about what idea you are going with and get your supplies accordingly. 

What are Some Tips for Students to Make their Dorm Room Floor Lamp Look Cool and Expensive?

There are a lot of DIY hacks that you can use to make your dorm room look cool using a floor lamp. You can add colorful bulbs or paint your lamp pole in funky colors that suit your personality. You can also DIY the lampshade according to the vibe of the room. Get creative and have a good time.

Can We DIY a Floor Lamp that Looks like an Expensive One?

Absolutely yes. There is no limit to creativity, and you can DIY an expensive-looking floor lamp from scratch. You can also lookup on Pinterest and check which DIY ideas are trending these days. It’s never too late to live your Tumblr-inspired life.


So, what do you think? Aren’t these hacks just amazing? Easy, simple, and yet giving a luxurious look to your cheap floor lamp. We have kept in mind that budget is an essential factor when it comes to DIY projects like this.

All the supplies used in the hacks given above are easily available and are pretty affordable. So don’t wait anymore. An exciting DIY project is waiting for you. Just put your crafting pants on and get started to give a new look to your old, cheap floor lamp. Best of luck!

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