How to DIY Floor Lamp

How to DIY Floor Lamp (8 Different Ways)

For all my DIY enthusiasts, put on your work gear and get ready for another cool project. A floor lamp! Excited already? So am I. 

Floor lamps look so cool and aesthetic, but unfortunately, they are very expensive. Finding the floor lamp of your choice on a tight budget sometimes becomes very difficult. But there isn’t anything that you cannot do yourself.

You need to find some basic supplies and get your creative juices running. Below are 8 fun ways to make your floor lamp from scratch. So here you go! Let’s give it a try.

steps for making floor lamp at home

1. Create a Lampshade Skeleton 

A lampshade will be required to create any DIY floor lamp, so first of all, we must tackle that. For this purpose, you will need some flexible wires.

These can be bought from any nearby hardware store. Once you have those in hand, Making a lampshade is a task to be done in an hour. Just get the reference image of the lampshade in mind.

Get a pair of pliers to bend and fold the wires easily. For a simple circular lampshade, you can use a round object to reference and create two perfect circles with wires. Now cut 3 straight wires and combine both circles to create a 3D sphere.

You also need to attach some wires in the center of the hollow structure that will help in fixing the lampshade over the pole. Over this lampshade skeleton, you can attach any fabric, rattan, or wicker to create the lampshade of your choice.

2. DIY Glass Floor Lamp

Do you have a long glass bottle or an old vase in your garage that you don’t use anymore? Here is your sign to reuse it. Use the glass bottle as the lamp post or base. You can also paint it according to your choice to give it a new look. Fix your lampshade over the bottle using wires, and here you go; your glass floor lamp is ready. You can quickly fix light and electricity fixtures in the bottle and get your lamp lit up.

3. DIY Column Lamp

This would be an excellent idea for someone who works with wood. Get a long wooden log and use it as a lamp post. You can use it as it is to give it a more ‘tree-like’ look. You can also sand down a wooden column and stain it the same color as your furniture. Fix the lampshade over it and enjoy your column lamp. You can attach the light bulbs directly over the wooden log without using the lampshade. 

DIY Column Lamp

4. Tripod Lamp

A tripod lamp can be made with both wood or metallic sticks. You can also use your old camera tripod stand to create this lamp. Just fix your lampshade over the tripod, and your floor lamp is ready. This DIY will work best for your modern-looking apartment. It will also work best in office settings.

5. DIY Jute/Rope Lamp

Jute is a commonly used element in Boho and farmhouse interiors. It gives you the vibe of old village houses. Jute can be wrapped around wooden lamp posts or use a plastic pipe for the purpose. Just wrap the jute tightly and closely on the entire length of the pipe and fix the lampshade on top. You can put the jute lamp post in a planter to make it look more natural. For this lamp, a rattan lampshade will look perfect and go in harmony with the rest of the aesthetic.

DIY Jute/Rope Lamp

6. DIY Christmas Ornaments Lamp

After Christmas, one of the main concerns is to put away all the Christmas ornaments that pile up in your house over time. Well, this is a great way to utilize them. Just grab a few spherical ornaments of different sizes and remove the fixture used to hang them using a plier.

Now use heavy-duty glue and fix all the balls over one another until you get a long column. You can spray-paint the entire column with a single color you hide the imperfections.

I also suggest adding some pebbles to all the ornaments before gluing them to add some weight, or else the lamp won’t stand still. Now fix this long column over a marble plate or tile. Add the lampshade over the top and select the light bulbs. What do you think? Isn’t it just incredible?

7. Old Pipes Floor Lamp

For someone who works with plumbing materials, this is the best DIY project to take on. Just find a good quality long pipe from your garage and paint it with the color of your choice. You can also add some white texture paint over it to entirely hide the pipe. Fix a white fabric lampshade over the top of the post and see how cool this will look. 

Old Pipes Floor Lamp

8. Floor Lamp Using Lego

This can be a fun DIY project for your kids during vacations. Grab all the lego baskets from your playroom and get started. Start fitting the tiny legos over one another until you get a tall lamp post. Let your kids explore their creativity and make a lamp post of any unique shape using the legos. Once they are done, You can help them with the light and electricity fixtures. This can also be a great project if you have a lot of legos in your home and your kids don’t play with the anymore. Creating the lamp will sort all the legos in one place and empty all the space your lego baskets has been occupying.

9. DIY Wooden Floor Lamp

Wooden logs and bars can be used in various ways to create a floor lamp. Wood can be used in many ways, depending on your creativity and how you productively use the available wood. Just make sure you have the right tools for cutting and trimming the wood to work efficiently without hurdles.

DIY Wooden Floor Lamp

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Basic Supplies Do You Need for Crafting a DIY Floor Lamp?

Just like any other DIY project, you need some basics, to begin with. For a DIY floor lamp, you’ll need the following basic supplies:
Some heavy-duty cutters for cutting wood and stuff
Some crafters glue or E6000 glue
Nails to fix stuff together
Flexible wires to create a lampshade skeleton
Fabric for lampshades

Which DIY Floor Lamp Will Look the Most Functional and Practical?

Regarding practicality, DIY column lamps and Tripod lamps are the most functional and practical. They are easy to move around, clean, and give the best light cascading around. They also add a lot of appeal to the room.

Is a DIY Floor Lamp Durable?

It depends on what materials you use. The stronger your raw material is, the more durable your product will be. Wooden floor lamps are the most durable.

Can You Make a DIY Floor Lamp on a Budget?

Yes. Like all DIY projects, floor lamps can also be made on a budget. You just need to go through the stuff you already have available in your home. You can also buy cheap stuff from the dollar store and upcycle it to make your DIY floor lamp.

How to Make Your DIY Floor Lamp Look Like a Store-Bought, Made-By-a-Professional Floor Lamp?

It’s all about your creativity. How you build your lamp and place it in the room will decide how professional it looks. You can also look for inspiration and tutorials on the internet and learn how professionals do it. It all depends upon your crafting skills.


Concluding it all, doing a DIY project is not only a fun activity, but it also gives you the power to customize the product the way you want it to be. Talking about floor lamps, come with hefty price tags that not everyone can afford. But that does not mean you do not afford one. You just need to be creative and DIY your favorite floor lamp at home within a few hours. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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