How to Make a Floor Lamp Taller

How to Make Floor Lamp Taller [10 Different Ways]

Have you bought a floor lamp in a hurry, and now it is not looking tall enough in your living room? I can totally feel your pain. 

One important thing to consider while buying a floor lamp is its length and how tall it looks. After all, you would want your lamp to pop up and add an aesthetic to your interiors.

If you have found yourself in a similar condition where the floor lamp is not tall enough, and you are wondering how to make the floor lamp taller, then, you have found the sweet spot, as here, we have compiled the complete list of the steps to increase the height of the floor lamp.

Different Ways to Make Floor Lamp Taller

There are plenty of ways of increasing the height of the floor lamp, and the good thing here is that these steps have been personally tested by me, and every single one of these can be used to make the floor lamp taller.

You can use either of the methods for increasing the height of your floor lamp, and the method that you would like to adopt totally depends upon your circumstances, and preference.

1. Add a Taller Base

Once you have bought your lamp shade, calculate how tall you want your lamp base to be. Remember, the base length should not be higher or lower than your eye level. According to your calculations, get the closest lamp base to fit perfectly in your living room dimensions.

2. Add Wooden Blocks

Adding wooden blocks under the lamp base is quite a unique and trendy way to increase the length of your lamp. You can get the wooden blocks cut in the shape of your choice to add a special touch to your interior design. 

Getting a few thick logs of wood stacked over each other will be unique. This will be particularly suitable for farmhouse-style aesthetics. The rustic wooden look will be a great addition to your cozy corner.

3. Place a Table or Crate Underneath the Lamp

 Putting them on top of a table or a crate for tiny floor lamps will not only make them look taller but also enhance their overall appearance. 

This is also a fantastic hack to convert your regular light into a taller corner lamp. You can also add a small candle or other decorations on the table to make it look more stylish.

Different types of crates are available online, which you can match with the color of your lamp to create a more synchronized look. Trust me; this step can change your room’s look without much effort. If you don’t have the right floor lamp for knitting, you can use the tables underneath it to create the perfect height.

4. Add New Piping to the Lamp

So, sometimes you might buy a lamp without correctly measuring your required size, or your old lamp might look too boring now. Guess what? 

You can add new piping to your lamp. It is in fact a very clever way to not only get the right size of the lamp base but also add a new and modern look to your old lamp. Just get brand new, metallic, or wooden piping for your floor lamp and amp up your style game to a whole new level.

5. Place the Floor Lamp in a Heightened Planter

If you love indoor plants, then you can use this trick to increase the length of your lamp. Follow these steps to use a planter for increasing the length of your lamp:

  • Take a large, deep, and wide planter.
  • Place a small box within the planter.
  • Now place the lamp on the box inside the planter. The box won’t be visible from the outside and it will give a taller look to the lamp. 
  • You can also add large fake leaves to cascade out of the planter. This way, your problem of having a short lamp will be solved along with some additional styling in your room.

6. Add an Extension Pole

This is the simplest and most easy way to increase the length of the floor lamp. Measure the inches you want to add to your existing lamp and get an extension pole of the exact same size.

Make sure the color of the pole matches the already existing lamp base to give a more natural, synchronized finish. 

A slight mismatch in color will make the extension pole apparent and not look appealing, so make sure you buy the right one.

7. Add a Deck of Books Under the Lamp

This hack can be used if the floor lamp is placed in your study room or lounging space. You can grab a stack of heavy books and place them under the lamp. 

This is also a great way to get your books styled in a unique way other than just stacking them on a shelf or a coffee table. You can add a few cushions around the floor lamp to create a more cozy environment, and the books will definitely be a great addition to this setting.

8. Add a Wooden Stool Underneath

You can take a small wooden stool and place it underneath the floor lamp to make it look a few inches taller. 

If your floor lamp is placed in a corner, you don’t even have to buy a new stool as it won’t be visible. You can just find an old wooden stool in your garage, give it some touch-ups, and here you go!

9. Add Small Plates Underneath 

Many people love to add lamps to their kitchens, and this style goes for both modern and vintage kitchens. If you have a modern kitchen, you can add silver or gold plates under the lamp, or even darker shades like black will work.

If your kitchen is a bit old school, you can get pottery or ceramic containers and put them under the lamp. This way, you can add a few inches to your short lamp without disturbing the overall look of your kitchen. You can also use this tip for your outdoor sitting area.

10. Be Creative!

When it comes to styling your floor lamp, the possibilities are endless. You can get as creative as you can without getting tacky and very extra. It totally depends on how you increase the length of your floor lamp by using the things that are just lying around in your home. Just get your creative juices running and enjoy your beautiful interior.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Different Styles of Floor Lamps?

Floor lamps come in a lot of different styles. The most popular floor lamp styles are as follows: standard floor lamp, swing arm floor lamp, torchiere or uplifted floor lamp, multiple light floor lamp, task floor lamp, etc. You should definitely do some research online before getting the lamp of your choice.

How to Determine the Length of Your Floor Lamp?

Most lamp heights are between 145 cm to 160cm. Before choosing the lamp height, make sure you have your ceiling height in mind. 

If your ceilings are very high, a small lamp would not look interesting and might not add anything to the dimensions. 

Whereas for a very low ceiling, a high lamp is definitely not the right choice as it will leave a very small space between the ceiling and the lampshade. So make sure you choose a balanced height for the floor lamp before purchasing it in order to create a flow in your interiors.

Should We Include the Height of the Lamp Shade in the Total Length of the Lamp?

Ideally, Yes. Most of the time, the lampshades are quite big in size and add a significant addition to the total height. So adding the lamp shade height in total height will give you a better vision of the final look.

Where Should a Floor Lamp Be Placed?

A floor lamp can be placed at a lot of different spots depending on the overall interior design. You can place it in the corner of your living room at the edge of your couch. You can also place it near your study table to benefit from the lit-up lamp while you study. You can also set it up between two chairs in your drawing room to give it a more official and formal look.

How to Style a Long Floor Lamp?

Add a few pots or planters near the base of the floor lamp. This will enhance the look of the lamp and give it a more occupied look. You can also put some paintings on the wall behind the lamp in order to give a colorful background.

Which Factors Are Supposed to Be Considered Before Buying a Floor Lamp?

Some important points to consider before buying a floor lamp include:

Requirement of light, Size of the lamp, Cost of the lamp, the electricity fixture which the lamp requires, the amount of space it is going to occupy, the size of your room, Height of the lamp base and shade. Keeping all these points in mind will help you find the perfect floor lamp.


Now that you have all these tips in hand, what do you plan to do about your floor lamp? I hope all these ideas must have sparked something in your brain and you must not be thinking about your floor lamp as worthless anymore. Just go with the idea that works the best for you, without getting too much out of your budget. 

By following either of the above-mentioned methods, you can easily increase the height of the floor lamp, and make it useful once again.

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